Short story

When I saw people were paying $65,000 for the Hastens mattress, it made me realize I was charging far less for my services than what I should be.

I declared it was my mission to make the general public aware of the type of money the affluent and ultra wealthy community were spending on items of opulence.

The hope is that you as an entrepreneur are inspired to raise your fees on your products and services so you can generate more revenue and work less.

Whatever your highest priced item is right now; create a new one that's 5X that and see the difference it makes in your finances.

About You

Imagine what it would be like to triple your business income and work only half the time you do now. What difference would the increased profits and free time mean to you and your family?

Think about it this way: Burn my house down, I can build another. Crash my Mercedes, I can buy another. Steal my money, I can go make more. Waste one hour of my time, and I can never get that back.

When I suggest to charge more for your products and services, I'm trying to give you more life!

Our mission

To help 1,000 entrepreneurs build their own luxury product or service and generate enough revenue to leave their day job in a year or less.